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1-Hour Walk/Trot Ride

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About Your Brown County Horseback Riding Adventure

This is our walk and trot trail, and is the best option for most of our customers. It is essentially first and second gear on the back of a horse. Beginner and intermediate riders should stick to this walk and trot trail until they are fully comfortable.

Kids giggle and laugh while the parents do their best to forget the stresses of life and enjoy the peace of the woods. Non-parents will still enjoy the scenery and the great body workout that horseback riding brings.

This ride accommodates children 7 years or older. We match you up with one of our wonderful herd members when you arrive after assessing your abilities and needs. We have horses for everyone, and they love making new friends.

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  • Maximum weight limit: 215 LBS NO EXCEPTIONS! if there is any question of being over 215LBS riders will be weighed discreetly and if over will be refused the ride. This is part of our insurance as well as for the safety of horse and rider. No refunds will be made in the case of being refused a ride due to exceeding the weight limit.
  • Folks over are 200+ lbs should stick to this trail, instead of the running trail. Being on a running horse and trying to keep your center of gravity can be challenging at the 200+ range. The trotting ride isn’t as fast and you don’t bounce as high. Please take our word for it and follow these suggestions.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early.
  • Equestrian-certified helmets will be provided free of charge. Bike helmets are not allowed. All riders MUST wear a helmet.
  • We have a limited number of child horses (ages 7-10). If there is no availability, only riders ages 12 and older are allowed on the ride. We are proud to offer a safe riding experience for kids, and enjoy teaching them how to control their horses. However, this does require their full attention and ability to take direction from their trail guide as needed. Please have a conversation with your kids about this on the trip here. Our goal is safety, comfort, and fun for all! Please do not book your kids under age 10 in the ‘less than 150 lb’ adult category, as we won’t have enough kid horses available when you arrive. Our herd is friendly and calm and we assign horses by the experience level of the rider, also taking height and weight into consideration.