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1-Hour Running Ride

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More Info About Your Indiana Horseback Riding Excursion

If you have been on the typical slow trail rides up to this point and feel very comfortable on a trotting horse, go to the next level and try the running ride at Schooner Valley Stables!

Our running trail is slightly different, and there are a few spots on the trail where we cut loose and run our horses through the wooded trail. It is still the trail format. We have offered the running trail since the beginning in 1968 and it is one of those features that sets us apart from most riding stables.

If you’re used to slower trail rides and have been riding for a while, give the running trail a try! Did you know that the average canter speed is between 10 and 17 mph depending on the horse? Add a little bit of excitement to your Brown County horseback riding experience by booking this unique trail ride.

See the guidelines below to determine if the running trail is right for you!

– No racing or passing
– If you have never been on a horse or it has been a while since you rode last, you should join the walk and trot trail.
– If you grew up riding horses but that was decades ago, you should join the walk and trot trail.
– Folks over 200 lbs are not permitted on the Running Ride.
– Equestrian-certified helmets will be provided free of charge. Bike helmets are not allowed. All riders MUST wear a helmet.

Please note, this ride is for intermediate-advanced riders ONLY. Our Running Ride is for more advanced riders or those with certain physical abilities to hang onto a swiftly moving horse.

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