Frequently Pondered Questions

  1. Do I need any previous riding experience?
    Nope. We have a horse for almost anyone. From gentle and half asleep, to spunky and energetic. Just let us know how often you have ridden and we’ll match you up according.
  2. What should I wear?
    Tennis shoes or hiking boots, and of course jeans. Shorts tend to leave you with a little rubbed spot on your legs after an hour of riding.  If you show up in flip flops we will secretly laugh at you.
  3. Can I go on a trail without a guide?
    No. Ride with us for a few years and we’ll talk.
  4. How many people can ride at once?
    We have around 25 rideable horses.  We can currently accommodate 20 customers at a time, with at least 2 guides going along. This number is subject to change.
  5. Is there a weight limit?
    Yes. Our weight limit is 230 lbs. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS THE HORSE.
  6. Do I need a reservation?
    It helps if we know you are coming to ride with us. We can get fairly busy in the Spring and Fall, so a reservation is always best.
  7. What is the difference between the walk/trot pace and a running ride?
    Good question! We would suggest that if you have never ridden a horse, or haven’t ridden in a few years, to stick with the easy goin’ walk/trot speed. Basically 1st and 2nd gear. The cantering ride (running) is a slightly different trail. Throughout the hour you will have the chance to canter several times. It isn’t running through the woods the entire time, as some folks tend to wonder. The average canter is between 10-17 mph depending on the horse.
  8. Do you offer any kind of discounts?
    We will be giving FAMILIES (this means 5+ people living in your house, not in-laws and cousins) of 5 or more a 10% discount. This is something you will have to ask for at the barn. Note: Groups of friends do not receive this discount, only families!
  9. Can I bring cell phones and cameras?
    Sure, but please put cell phones on vibrate and secure those cameras. Anything in your back pocket will weasel its way out, so leave your wallets in the car once you pay. We are now renting cell phone saddle bags for $2.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated company that has been offering horseback riding experiences here in Brown County for 50 years.


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